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five Home staging tips you should know

August 19, 2021

We totally understand how stressful it is to prepare a home for sale. Here are a few simple hacks to make your home stand out from the others! 
  1. Let there be light. Brighten up your home by letting as much natural light in as possible. In doing so, this will give the effect of a larger room. Brighter rooms are a lot more invigorating and welcoming.
  2. Stage where it counts. Not all rooms in a home are equal --- you want to focus on the rooms that will most likely influence the buyers' decision. Rooms that are the most important to buyers include the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom! You want to spend less time on any remaining rooms that don't matter as much.
  3. De-personalize the space. You want potential buyers to be able to imagine themselves in your home. Disconnect yourself from your home by removing personal pictures of yourself and family members from the walls. Keep clothes, toothbrushes, awards, and any other personal items away and out of sight.
  4. Get rid of clutter. Don't forget to stow away any clutter that is not essential to your daily life --- that includes any magazines, letters, toys, and any other items that could be potentially unsightly. 
  5. Clean like crazy. A squeaky clean home will make a better first impression. Let no detail go unnoticed!